Children's Book

We believe that all homeless young adults in America should have skilled and impassioned guidance counselors if they want them.

Terry Cole will soon publish a children's book that illustrates his tested method of instilling awareness and compassion in elementary children. The book will feature Rosie, a cute little white Maltese dog, and her encounters with homeless people. It will include simple text for reading aloud to children. It will be a great way to teach children and grandchildren about homelessness, how to help, and how to be compassionate.

The book builds upon the proven curriculum that Terry has delivered to thousands of young children about homelessness:

  • Homeless people come in all ages and sizes.
  • Homeless kids like the same things you like.
  • Homeless people are different in some ways but the differences are on the outside and for a reason.
  • Homeless people are the same on the inside.

The book has features to help the adult and child discuss homelessness, it's complex causes, and the many ways to help.

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