Guidance Counselors for Homeless Young Adults

One in ten young adults in America experiences homelessness between the ages of 18 and 25. It's unbelievable, but verified. It's not an urban/rural issue. It's not an east-coast/west-coast issue. It is throughout every state and every population density. It's OUR issue, and the time to face it is now.

We believe that all homeless young adults in America should have skilled and impassioned guidance counselors if they want them.

Margin Walker Book Coming!

Terry is working on a book to help inspire a movement of guidance counselors for homeless youth across the nation.

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Video Training Coming!

Terry is making training videos to better understand homeless youth and sharpen skills to deliver guidance counseling to them.

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Children's Book Coming!

Terry is creating a children's book featuring Rosie to share with children and grandchildren to build compassion around homelessness.

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Are you an accidental guidance counsellor already?

Do you need this training to help deal with someone in your life? Fill out our interest form and we may be able to share early information with you to help.

Want to help start a movement?

Able to help in Austin, San Marcos, New Braunfels or San Antonio? Fill out our interest form and we'll help connect you with Street Youth Ministry activities in those cities.

In another city? Fill out our interest form and we'll help connect you with others from our area so we can start to fulfill our mission of providing a skilled and impassioned guidance counselor to every homeless young adult who wants one!