Skill Videos

We believe that all homeless young adults in America should have skilled and impassioned guidance counselors if they want them.

Terry Cole soon has sdeveloped a set of training videos that captures how to work with homeless youth and has specific skills to practice and develop. These methods have been used with more than 500 street youth each year since 2008. Terry trained with wonderful mentors and has adapted technical training material from many fields: modern psychology, modern social work, Christian missiology and Christian theology. The skills and techniques are proven to lead to healing and victory over complex obstacles faced by young adults, including homelessness, substance abuse, behavioral health issues and unemployment.

The videos cover transferable skills he has learned and taught to more than 10 staff, 25 interns and hundreds of volunteers.

    • Separating causes from by-products
    • Fostering healthy boundaries
    • Engaging the difficult
    • Focusing on strengths-based solutions
    • Holding power gently
    • Harm reduction adapted to ideas
    • Our one expertise: The Theory of Change
    • Intervention
    • After a disagreement
    • What you want me to know is...
    • Crisis intervention
    • Fostering rising expectations
    • The power of belief
    • Detecting and responding to two types of anger

The current videos walk through a concept or topic and invite the viewer to comment about how the material seems to apply or not apply to their guidance situation. Assignments are given that take about a week of observation and introspection before replying online to share your learning.

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